Day Excursion – Sea Park and Dolphin Show

Dream Villas  is offering day trip for our guests to this tropical hideaway is a unique activity park not found anywhere else in Turkey or even Europe. Upon arrival each guest is given a shorty wetsuit, a diving mask and snorkel and shown to the tropical beach with sun loungers and sunshades where they can rest in between taking part in any of the available activities.

Activity option include swimming in the coral reef lagoon which is literally teeming with rare and colourful topical marine fish. Walk any time through the “manta” pool with the harmless and friendly mantaray. Ride and relax on the lazy river ride. You also have the opportunity to enter the world of sharks and discover a shark lagoon behind a net – here you can study the sharks up close and take as many photos as you like. Lunch in the parks restaurant is included in the entry price. The park is breathtakingly beautiful and worth every single penny.