Photoshoot at Honeymoon Villa or Beach

When you see the stunning garden, the private pool and panoramic views at Honeymoon Villa you will definitely want photographs or maybe a honeymoon youtube video to help you remember the special time you both shared there. Often when couples are on holiday they only manage one person at a time in the shot and then when you get home you can be disappointed with the results.

If you book our honeymoon photoshoot package you get to have your photographs taken together and then have a chance to view them on the computer before you leave so that if you are not happy they can be redone. You then select your favourites to be included in your album (around a dozen photos) and these are then used to prepare a special memento of your stay either as a printed album or an animated slideshow.

For those of you wanting to undertaken some more adventurous activity such as parasailing and jet skiiing then we can usually arrange for your photos to be taken during this activity as well.