Alanya News – A new attraction for Alanya Castle

There has been talk of a cable car being built to serve visitors to access the glorious castle of Alanya for many years but News Alanya has now confirmed that this is to become a reality.

The news website states that “WITH this project the foreign currency revenue of Alanya will substantially increase. Also, this project is going to increase the development of Alanya socially, culturally and economically. In addition to that, it will also contribute to its image and vision. After the completion of the project, the tour buses will not be in operation in the Castle area of Alanya, which will lead to the preservation of the historical texture.”


Sounds exciting ….. the views will be breathtaking , you will be able to relax and let the cable car do all the work,


Will post more information as it becomes available …. watch this space….


Well its February 2017 and word on the new cable car to the Castle in Alanya is well underway. The foundations for the entry station are almost finished and the first support for the cable is being erected. The word is that the finishing date is April 2017 so we will give two weekly updates and pictures on progress

Here are photos from February 1st 2017