Iskeler 2, Northern Cyprus, Apartments and Villas for Sale

It is no surprise that property prices in Northern Cyprus are rising very fast but are still around one quarter the value of property in the South of the Island. Just imagine having a warm climate, friendly people, beautiful surroundings, historic sites, and completely surrounded by the warm Mediterranean sea. Add a newly refurbished airport, brand new golf course, fabulous water sports, and golden beaches, not to mention the pending EU membership and increased foreign investment. This is not just about buying a place in the sun, it is about serious investment for the future.

We have a number of project and properties for sale in Northern Cyprus. Some new, some re-sale – all great value for money and good investments.

ISKELE  PROJECT 2  (Iskele – Bogaz) :

This excellent new build complex of villas and apartments is located in İskele Boğaz which is 15 minutes away from the beautiful town of Famagusta. Set right on the beach with golden sands and beautiful clean waters, this seafront complex has a large swimming pool, its own restaurant, children’s playground , sports hall and water sports and activity centre.

If you would like to make an income from your property when you are not there you can opt to use therental department set up within in this project.

You can use your property for your own holidays and then rent it out when you are not there. You can make around 7% each year doing this as the rental market is excellent in Northern Cyprus. Not only is there a very high student population but it is also a very popular resort for Locals Europeans and Turkish Visitors.

The complex is still under construction but there are some houses already completed. Other will be ready next year.

Prices vary according to the size of the property and how much of a sea view there is – but a rough guide is as follows

For a one bedroom apartment around 46-60 m2 prices start from £55.000 .

For a two bedroom house/villa around 66-70m2 prices start from £85,000

For a three bedroom house/villa around 92-176 m2 prices start from £115,000
Please note in Northern Cyprus when you buy a brand new property you will have to pay taxes. However if your property is second hand then there is no tax to pay just the cost of transferring the title deeds.