Green Canyon Villas in Bektas Alanya, amazing views and high standard finishing


Green Canyon Villa Project is beautiful located on the Green Hillside 2.5 km from the centrum of  Alanya with a Panoramic views of the City’s orange gardens, Cleopatra Beach and the Mediterranean Sea.

The Combination of  Modern Architecture, built with only the highest quality materials very best first class materials offers owners the very best comfort and standard of living in both the summer- and wintertime.



Each Villa is a total 244.01 m2, which is divided over 3 floors

Living area:   Balconies:         Total Area:
65.44m2        15.89m2            81.33m2 GROUND FLOOR
65.44m2        19.12m2            84.56m2 FIRST FLOOR
65.44m2        12.68m2            78.12m2 SECOND FLOOR
196.32m2      47.69m2             244.01m2 TOTAL

The Villa Residence is located in Bektaş area – Alanya; which is just 2,5 km to the city centre and all facilities of Alanya.

All the Villa’s have fantastic view from the basement to the top floor. The design of the build is such that no villas will have their view blocked by another villa

Each Villa has 300m2 of  private garden with private pool 75m2 social areas around the pool which can be used for relaxing and social activities. The surface around the pool is tiled with modern anti-slip material.

There will also be a Jaccuzie and Outdoor kitchen for owners personal use by the pool side.

There is a closed carpark/garage space and storage-rooms totally 200m2 – each villa is allocated 1 parking space. Above the garage is a 130m2 lobby, part of which will be used for GYM.

There will be 40m2 Apartment for care taker.

The site will also benefit from There will be an Emergency Generator and Satellite for International TV Channels.

The villas will benefit from all day sunshine – all year round and there will be satellite systems for TV etc.

The project consists of;

7 Villas which you can be offered two option of internal layout indoors dividing so you choose Villa A layout or Villa B layout.

The sizes of the totally 1m2 net living area and the m2 of the balconies can not be changed .

The interior design can be changed if you make a request and those changes will be agreed within a signed contract.

 You can change the following;

  • All Floors of First Quality Ceramic Tiles and Marble.
  • Kitchen Cupboards: Specially designed wall mounted cupboards of reinforced wood (MDF) framed with borders. The standards of the kitchens are chrome sink and Granite counter.
  • The wall between the counter and kitchen cupboards will be tiled in wall tiles or the same Granite as the counter according to your choice of design.
  • White storage of high quality trademark are inclusive and will be installed after the finishing  of the building is completed and according to the agreements in contract.
  • Inside Walls painted with anti bacterial /hygienic Plastic Paint.
  • Wardrobes :Specially designed of rain forced wood ( MDF) framed with borders.
  • Bathroom 1 will have jacuzzi, wash-stand and a toilet. The Guest-bathroom has toilet, wash-basin and a shower cabin.There will be floor heating on  Bathrooms.

Exteriour ;
  • The Windows, doors and fronts (PVC) with internal metal framework and double glassed. All the exteriour window frames will be fitted with screens. The windows to the Villa’s will be designed turning /tip-up.
  • Interiour and exteriour window-sills of solid marble. Built in sliding balcony doors in the living room and bedrooms.
  • Inner-doors  American style, and Entrance – Security- /Steel- door.
  • Out- Walls will be heat and water isolated.
  • Shutters systems  for balconies for a extra shade in summer time and a safety while you are not here.There will be Mosquito net for Windows and balcony doors.
  • Solar Panels for Hot water
  • There will be air condition units in all rooms.
  • There will be diaphone for your guest.
  • All the Villa’s has 1(one) Fireplace including in the price.The design can be choosen from a various design.The fireplaces can  be heated with, wood after Your Choice.
  • The pipe for the chimney will be build in all three floors for optimum possibilities for the use.
  • The bathrooms will have heating cables in the floors.
  • The roof will be isolated for heat and water on Steel Construction and will be tiled with natural tiles.( Red Tiles)
Technical description of the building;

Foundations and construction;

The foundation and building construction will be executed in accordance with the structural engineer’s  statical calculations and approvaled by the Building and Housting Authorities.

Base of the building;

The building will be constructed on a 1 meter thick C25reinforced concrete base. Humidity will totally be eliminated by isolating the basement walls.


The dividing floors in the building will be constructed of 32 cm thick C25 concrete and sound isolated.


Outside walls will be constructed of hollow bricks which exclude heat and sound.Outside walls will be coated with reinforced C25  concrete. Inside walls will be coated with satin plaster.Outside and unit dividing walls are 20 cm. thick.Inside dividing walls will be constructed as “light walls” and sound isolated.


The electric installations will be installed according with the TSE (Turkish building standards) rules and regulations and approvaled by The Building and Housting Authorities.

Plumbing and Waterpipes;

They are made of synthetic material and will be installed in accordance with the TSE (Turkish building standards rules and regulations) and approvaled by The Building and Housting Authorities.

Extra; Telephone and CAI will be connected in each Villa.